How to write a CV in English / Comment faire un CV en anglais


It is very important to have a good CV. From education to professional experiences, you must tell a story with your skills and strengths. Learn here how to write a good CV.

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Personal data:

➔Last name, first name,
➔Date of birth,
➔Driving licence.


➔Position you apply for,

Professional experience:

➔First, the last jobs,
➔Last, the internships provided they are relevant.


➔Foreign languages and level (fluent, professional…).

Hobbies (quite important to make a difference):

➔Activities relating to music, sport, art, reading, video games…
➔Avoid « I like traveling » and prefer « I enjoy discovering new cultures »,
➔Avoir hobbies which are strange (e.g. black magic…).

How many pages?

➔1 page maximum if you are under 5 years of professional experience,
➔2 pages beyond, rarely more.

Beware of?

➔Avoid colours which could hurt one’s sight
➔Adapt to the company’s sector of activity (e.g. sober for bank, with fun for a communication agency…)